Shaklee's Bo Short Was a Major Player in Amway aka Quixtar
Bo Short Was a Major Player in Amway aka Quixtar
Amway aka Quixtar was Guilty of Fraud
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"...it's an Outdated Strategy that Preys on Your Family and Friends for Money." 

Hear Their Pitch

Shaklee Scam Allegations Continue

W hen people are recruited into Shaklee's pyramid-like MLM, or "Product-Based Pyramid," they are given a sense of hope and excitement with unusual stories about Shaklee retailers who became "wealthy and independent" by marketing to their family and friends. Reality check: Read what the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION published about Shaklee. To prevent a lawsuit from Shaklee, we cannot directly state that "Shaklee = a scam.." Read a new legal threat to two of this page's contributors from Shaklee lawyer, Marjorie Fine, here. They are ready to pay for legal action to surpress the speech rights of their victims, with their victim's money. Will courts take this request and the money behind it seriously enough to entertain a case against victims' rights to speech and whistle-blowing? Because of the "discovery process" we hope so. We cannot emphasize enough that while all the victims we know lost everything they invested, Shaklee does NOT meet the legal definition of a pyramid. MLM Expert, Dr. Jon Taylor has found that they might be even more destructive, but no matter which definition you like, keep your money in your pocket. This site is here to protect you from losing it. They lobby regulators and lawmakers and they threaten victims who speak out about their experience, as evidenced here. Research shows that young people are particularly vulnerable to their upbeat sales pitch but the group lures people of any age with charismatic and likable recruiters that seem to radiate Shaklee success. Fast forward to the outcome and you can often find victims of Shaklee feeling cheated and down several thousand dollars after having isolated themselves from friends and family with the company sales pitch routine. Victims of social marketing scams almost always end up with fewer friends and less money than when they joined. According to many, that is the reality of Shaklee.

How is This Not a Pyramid?

A pyramid scam is just a scam in the shape of a pyramid. Is the Shaklee corporation legit, a pyramid or a scam? There is one technical distinction which makes their behavior 'legal' under current US law! Read research-based findings for the definition of a "product-based pyramid scheme" published by the FTC, identifying Shaklee in this category. (by Dr. Jon Taylor, MBA, PhD)

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Did Shaklee create pages to come up when skeptics type "is shaklee a scam" into web browsers? If so, these pages would use the keywords, Shaklee a scam over and over on a page that ends up convincing you that the concept of a Shaklee scam is false, or that there is no Shaklee scam. Interesting... we did find pages just like that with keyword densities for those words over 4%. Guess who owns them?  See http://www.shakleescam.net and http://shakleescam.com (This is how smart people fall for it) This way, when potential victims Google Shaklee scam, they find that there is no Shaklee scam, and they invest. Get it? If you found this public service before investing, know that we did this for you. Read a story of a victim here claiming this is a cult.. blog about this pyramid scam: http://asktheconsumeradvocate.blogspot.com

The Shaklee Scam Opinion & Debate

John MacLaren of Shaklee Anyone who subjects him or herself to spending an amount of time listening to a pyramid or multi-level-marketing scheme is susceptible to its well-crafted blend of facts and distortions. A Pyramid scheme aka scam works by combining claims of positive results with charisma and distorted evidence. Generally speaking, the more a person needs money and financial freedom, the more susceptible he or she is to losing both to a pyramid scam. Is the idea of a Shaklee scam valid? Can money purchase a court ruling to make the words Shaklee scam illegal to use if you believe in a shaklee scam? The truth may be that it's not about selling products, but about convincing your friends and family to buy-in to the company and become retailers under you. As you might guess, they will have to do the same and so it may not be about selling anything at all. It may be about tricking the next group of people into joining an alleged product-based pyramid scheme like Shaklee. So when victims talk about a Shaklee "scam", are they being fair? Click that last link for an answer. Most people lose money to a product-based pyramid scam. If you were the victim of Shaklee or an MLM or a product-based pyramid scheme, it's not your fault. They are very convincing. Really, it is not your fault.

The Shaklee Scam Opinion is Protected Free Speech

Shaklee Corporation (if you read the fourth menu item, top) is threatening legal action to silence the "Shaklee Scam" opinions from its victims who lost everything. The money they lost pays for lawyers to attack victims who try to tell the truth or use the words Shaklee scam. What could someone possibly say to convince you to join an MLM like this? Would websites stating The Shaklee scam is not real, convince you that there is no Shaklee scam? Could Shaklee scam sites can be built by Shaklee itself to suggest the opposite of a shaklee scam? Remember that smart people fall for this just as easily as anyone else, which begs the question, "How?" For legal purposes, we can't write that the video below shows a Shaklee con-artist teaching marketers how to be better Shaklee con artists. Instead we will ask, "Does the video below show a con artist, or someone who is your friend?" Is the Shaklee scam real? Is Shaklee legitamate? What is Shaklee?


The "Shaklee scam" comes up here: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme

Losing Your Friends

Before signing on with an MLM like Shaklee, you need to think about how you value other people. After the dishonest suggestions about the money you will earn and the need to buy-in, a common reason that pyramids are labeled as scams, centers on the way they encourage you to treat your friends. Victims of Shaklee and other MLMs can isolate themselves from their social groups very quickly. When you watch Bo Short in the video under the "Realizing the Truth" heading, it is important to think about what your friends would do and how they would feel if you began to incorporate a marketing pitch into your friendships. Of course, most people lose money in MLMs rather than making it, but when it's all done, it comes as a surprise to some that they have lost friends as well. It is painful and it requires many apologies to pick up the pieces. Read the cult view of Shaklee.

Opportunity Support

T he Shaklee company has some misguiding if not unlawful practices regarding refunds. When victims call 925-734-3636 to speak to "earning opportunity support" for a refund, they get 4-8 minutes of Shaklee ad recordings followed by a recording that asks for a telephone number so that the company can call him or her. There are documented cases of refunds taking up to two months and 10 hours of hold time. If you are considering becoming a Shaklee distributor, know the facts and make an informed choice. Put it this way, the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION published information indicating that you often lose the money they convince you to invest. That part is simple. Since the pyramid/MLM lobby gives money to regulators, this style of "business" is still legal so that one must conclude that the concept of a Shaklee scam is illogical if one also considers the word "scam" to imply something that is illegal.

from: http://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/120622/my-really-smart-friend-is-in-a-pyramid-scheme-right

"I'm in a similar position with my Dad. He's doing Shaklee sh**, where you buy their products .. and get other people to sign on as a 'gold member' and then they buy the products and they as well as he make profit. Yeah....it doesn't work. At all. He keeps putting money INTO Shaklee but never gets any back. There's no reasoning with them, because he's going to think that you're not supportive of his investments. Keep your mouth shut, and let him ride it out. He'll learn the hard way, unfortunately."